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If you are seeking to issue divorce proceedings against your spouse due to the unfortunate breakdown in your marriage. We have Solicitors experienced in dealing with divorce and matrimonial finances who always ensure that client’s cases are dealt with as amicably, constructively and cost-effectively as possible.

Going abroad

Many parents wish to take their children abroad. This may be on holiday, to visit relatives or in some cases, to live in a different country. Whilst the prospects of this are exciting, it is important that you are aware of and consider the legal implications of taking your child abroad.

Financial Matters

When a relationship breaks down between two parties, there is a need to resolve the finances between them and this can often be a very difficult, emotional and drawn-out process. Our solicitors are very experienced in dealing with financial claims when it comes to parties separating


We provide guidance on making an application to adopt a child, opposing an adoption order, and advice for foster carers or prospective adopters when a placement order has been made.

Child Arrangements

It can be difficult to make arrangements for children when parents separate. Our expert family solicitors can assist at all stages, from advising you of your position and the most appropriate next steps for you.


If you are caring for your grandchildren full time you may wish to consider applying for a legal order to formalise the arrangement. This could be obtained by way of a Child Arrangements ‘Live With’ Order.

Local Authority Involvement

The Local Authority/ Social Services have a duty to investigate where concerns have been expressed about the safety of a child..  The Local Authority have a duty to intervene when they believe a child is at risk and must take action to protect that child.

Care Proceedings

Care proceedings occur when the Local Authority raises concerns about the welfare of a child. In such circumstances the Local Authority may consider an application to the court in order to safeguard the child. This is referred to as a public law case.

Emergency Protection Procedures for Children

If the Local Authority/ Social Services believe a child to be in immediate danger, they can take a number of steps in order to protect the child in an emergency.

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