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At Berkson Family Law, we are aware that when there is a relationship breakdown between two parties, there is a need to resolve the finances between them and this can often be a very difficult, emotional and drawn out process.

We aim to settle financial matters on your behalf as quickly and stress free as possible and will try and avoid Court proceedings, where possible. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible and when this is the case, our expert solicitors will be on your side to ensure you obtain first class, legal advice.

Our solicitors are very experienced in dealing with financial claims when it comes to parties separating; whether it be divorce, civil partnership or co-habitation. Our solicitors have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the range of Order’s available from the Court and will be able to advise on these Order’s, which include; Orders for cash payments, transfer of property and/or other assets, maintenance and pension sharing. There are also times when financial arrangements can be settled through a ‘clean break’ Order.

Our aim is to resolve the issue of finances and to incorporate the same into a Consent Order; which sets out the financial agreement that has been reached between both parties. In drafting the Consent Order, we will negotiate directly with the other side to ensure you obtain the best outcome for your case and incorporate the finalised agreement into the Order.

Financial Matters and claims are very important and will affect both parties’ futures. As such, it is paramount that you seek the help of our experts in financial claims. At Berkson Family Law, we have solicitors at the ready to help fight for you, in your financial claim.

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When Court becomes the only option, the court has powers to make various Orders in relation to income, capital, property and pensions of each party. In the cases we handle, we make sure we fight for our client to achieve the best outcome possible, which can vary on a case by case basis.

As such, it is paramount that you seek the help of one of our expert solicitors to help you in dealing with your financial claim. At Berkson family law, we make sure to

listen to your instructions and take care in providing you expert legal advice to ensure we reach the best possible outcome for your case.

Thank you for all your support and professionalism over the past year. As you said, it’s sad the way things turn out, but in fact, I am now much better financially!

How can we help you?

Starting the process with us is really easy, completely confidential and pressure free.

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