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When you are granted leave to adopt a child by the Court, you are granted legal parental responsibility for the child. An adoption order severs the legal relationships between a child and their birth parents and creates a new legally binding parent-child relationship between the child and their adoptive parents.

Berkson Family Law provide guidance on making an application to adopt a child, opposing an adoption order, and advice for foster carers or prospective adopters when a placement order has been made.

Adoption can be a lengthy and complex process therefore it is essential that you obtain our expert advice as soon as you become involved in the process.

Making an application to Adopt

We can advise potential adopters on the adoption process and any issues that may arise. You can make an application to adopt as part of a couple or as an individual, there are different requirements for each and we will be able to advise you of these.

The relevant authorities carry out rigorous checks when deciding to approve an adoption and though adoption agencies may assist in guiding prospective adopters through the process, it is vital to be aware of all the legal ramifications.

We can also assist with the adoption process where a child has been placed with you by a Local Authority. In these circumstances, the Local Authority may assist potential adopters with fees or you may be eligible for legal aid. As above, we can assess your eligibility prior to any appointment takes place.

Opposing Adoption Orders

We can also advise parents wishing to oppose adoption orders.

Legal aid is available for parents seeking to oppose adoption orders but is restricted. Please contact us and we would be able to assess your eligibility. We can also discuss alternative funding options if you are not eligible for legal aid.

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