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Calm and effective legal advice at a time when emotions are running high is important for dealing with the immediate challenges you face. Speak to us and get the help you need.


Grandparents have rights to continue to enjoy relationships with their grandchildren. We can help you achieve this, if you are finding things difficult.

Financial Matters

The biggest worry most people face is how things will change in the future. A lot can be at stake including income, capital, property, provision for children and pensions.


We can advise on adoption and how to accomplish it or stop it. It is very important to get expert advice as soon as you become involved in the process.


It is important to establish what happens to the children as soon as possible and in a way that preserves the relationship you both have with your children. This includes who they live with and have contact.

Child Abduction and going abroad

You can’t just take the children abroad to live without the consent of the other party or the court. If you do it can lead to prosecution. We can advise you on how to avoid this.

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