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Cohabitation Disputes

Berkson Family Law solicitors Liverpool provide specialist advice to those who need it in relation to all matters surrounding cohabitation.

It is now very common that people live together without getting married or forming a civil partnership and it therefore important that you understand your legal rights.

Cohabitation and the Law

Cohabiting couples often believe that if they live together for long enough then they will obtain the same rights to those of a married couple, however, this is incorrect. Even after cohabiting for many years, cohabitants do not acquire any specific rights and it is therefore important that you obtain legal advice to establish what rights you may or may not have.

Disputes when the property is in the sole name of one party

Problems generally arise when a property is registered in the sole name of one of the parties. In a case like this, the person who is not named as the registered owner of the property will need to establish an interest in the property.

Examples of how an interest may be established:

    1. By making a direct contribution towards the purchase price of the property;
    2. By establishing that you were told that you had an interest in the property when you bought it with an explanation as why you were not named on the deeds of the property. You may also be able to demonstrate a financial contribution towards the household bills and/or the mortgage;
    3. Showing that you have made a substantial contribution to the property ie by paying for home improvement works.

Disputes when the property is in joint names

Problems may also arise when the property is held in joint names. One party may refuse to leave the property or sell the property to allow the other to move on with their life after a breakup.

If this is the case then our family solicitors Liverpool at Berkson Family Law are able to provide you with clear advice as to:-

    1. Your rights of access and occupancy;
    2. Whether you are able to force a sale;
    3. How you can purchase the other parties interest in the property.

The majority of disputes can be resolved by negotiation or through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. However, where the involvement of the court is needed, then rest assured, we are experts in initiating or defending an application and we will always ensure that your interests are protected.

We understand that this can be a very difficult area of law and our aim is to provide practical straightforward advice. If you require advice please call us on 0151 236 1234 or complete the contact form to arrange an appointment.

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