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Child Arrangements

We are able to help with any disputes regarding child arrangements

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Child Arrangements

Disagreements can often arise following parents separating and attempting to organise arrangements for their children. If there are problems that you cannot resolve on your own, you can make an application to the court. If you either are wanting to make an application to the family court or if you are the respondent to an application, you may want to seek legal advice, or to be represented at Court.

We are able to help with any disputes regarding child arrangements.

You may be entitled to Legal Aid funding. If you call our offices, we will be able to assess your eligibility. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we still can assist you with these kinds of matters

Child Arrangements
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When there are proceedings surrounding child arrangements the court will consider making an Order which will determine what is in the children’s best interests. there are a variety of different applications, you can make. These include:

  • Child arrangements order – this can either be ‘spends time with’ or ‘live with’. These orders can either set out who the child lives with, when the child spends time with each parent or other arrangements for the child’s contact.
  • Orders for parental responsibility and declaration of parentage
  • Prohibited steps order – this can prevent parents from acting or making certain decisions about or on the behalf of the children without the express approval or permission of the court.
  • Specific issue order – this is an order which looks at specific question regarding how your child is being brought up.

Please be aware to make these applications you must have parental responsibility (this means the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent).

If you do not want to make an application to the Court, we can help with negotiations. This involves trying to help you come to an agreement without going to Court.

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