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What Happens to My Business During Divorce?

What Happens to My Business During Divorce? You may have some questions about owning a business or being self-employed during your divorce since running a business raises details that wouldn’t exist if you both had a conventional 9-5 job. Luckily our experienced divorce solicitors Liverpool are on hand to guide you through the differences and

The importance of prenuptial agreements

The importance of prenuptial agreements In England and Wales, prenuptial agreements (often referred to as prenup) are not legally binding documents however the document will demonstrate to the court what the parties intend if their marriage falls apart and therefore, they can be highly persuasive documents if a disagreement with regards to the division of

Protecting my finances through divorce

Protecting my finances through divorce Protecting your finances during divorce is a concern faced by many individuals. This question is more prevalent with higher income families or where the is a significant disparity of income between the parties. The feeling of “this is mine, I want to keep it” is common, but sometimes people have

Holidays Abroad Following Separation

Holidays Abroad Following Separation If you are planning holidays abroad as a separated parent or if you have some concerns that you are going abroad and have a different surname to your child, Berkson Family Law have specialists on hand to make the process as simple as possible. When travelling, it is important that you

Divorce – don’t forget the pension

Divorce – don’t forget the pension New research from Aviva suggests that approximately 34 % of people made no claim on their former partner’s pension during divorce and therefore it was not included as an asset in the financial settlement.  Further, 8% of divorcees say they did not have their own pension savings as they

No-fault Divorce

The law with regards to divorced changed on 6 April 2022.  Since this date, the new legislation has:- replaced the ‘five grounds’ for divorce and allowed couples to divorce without assigning blame or fault; removed the possibility of contesting the divorce; introduced an option for a joint application for divorce; changed the terms ‘decree nisi’ to

Unmarried couples – are cohabitation agreements a good idea?

Unmarried cohabiting families are the fastest growing type of family in the UK.  However English law does not recognise in any meaningful way a living-together relationship outside marriage or civil partnership.  If a cohabiting relationship breaks down then there is very little protection for the weaker partner and parties can find themselves facing real difficulties

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