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Our expert child custody and family law solicitors resolve to bring child custody disputes to a quick and amicable decision, by using a friendly and professional legal approach. In the case that disputes cannot be resolved via negotiation, experts family law solicitors will be by your side to advise and to make your applications through the family law court.

What you should know about child custody

The Children Act 1989 replaced the term ‘custody’ with the term ‘Parental Responsibility’. Parental Responsibility is the rights, responsibilities, duties, powers and authority a parent of a child has in relation to the child and their property.

Parental Responsibility will automatically fall to the mother of a child. A father Parental Responsibility depends on the circumstances upon the date of birth of the child. If you are unsure of your Parental Responsibilities do not hesitate to book an initial consultation with our team of experts to find out where you stand. If you are not able to exercising your Parental Responsibility through prevention by the other party then you can seek to gain access immediately please contact us to discuss your options.

What does the law say?

The Orders that the Family Court can make regarding children are in the form of a Child Arrangement Order.

The types of Order that the Court can make are:

  • With who the child spends time
  • With who the child lives
  • A prohibited steps order preventing certain action from being taken such as the child being removed from the country.
  • Specific issue order allowing the Court to decide on issue which relates to the child that the separating couple cannot reach agreement upon, e.g. which school they go to.

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