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As a consequence of Civil/Marriage Partnership, partners in separation are entitled to make financial claims against each other upon dissolution of the partnership. Financials matters are often more difficult than the petition for divorce. Claims permitted from Divorce are detailed in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. Claims from Dissolution of a Civil Partnership are set out in the Civil Partnership Act 2004. Our local Solicitors are experts in using the law to fight your corner and ensure you get what you deserve.

Claims that can be made in both marriage and civil partnerships include claims against capital including property and pension provision as well as financial income. Claims can be settled in numerous ways. One way of settling a claim is for your solicitors to make Consent Order on your behalf. In this we negotiate directly with the other party on your behalf to reach a satisfactory agreement which can then be put into a document which can be easily approved by the Court.

At Berkson Family Law, we aim to settle financial matters on your behalf as quickly as possible without the need for too much Court involvement. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and when this is the case you will want our world-class expert lawyers on your side to make applications to the court.

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When a Court becomes the only option the court then has numerous powers to make Orders in relative to the income, capital, property and pensions. In the cases we handle we fight for our client to achieve Orders in property transfer, spousal maintenance and pension sharing.

Financial Matters and claims are very important and will affect both parties living conditions and future. As such it is paramount that you seek the help of an expert in financial claims. At Berkson family law we have award winning Divorce solicitors at the ready to help fight for your claim.

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